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Receive Secure Income with a High Return

Receive Secure Income with a High Return
Seattle University had just three buildings when Donald Hoba graduated with a chemistry degree in 1951. Yet even with a small academic program, the school changed the shape of his career path. Don was delighted to find a way to give back while also increasing his income.

Don: I am very grateful to Seattle University. My education there allowed me to build a career beyond what my degree said I could do. A well-rounded education changed my life, and that's why I give back to support the career paths of others. I found out that a gift annuity would meet the three criteria I was looking for: 1) doing something for Seattle U; 2) increasing my income, which is partly tax free; and 3) getting a tax deduction.

Don called Seattle University and discovered that he could receive a return of 7.6%, based upon his age. This fixed payment was in addition to an income tax deduction. Don decided to fund an annuity at Seattle University with a cash donation.

Don: I am delighted with my gift annuity. I receive a 7.6% return and saved over $1600 in income taxes. This plan is perfect for me, and I really like the fact that it will benefit SU students in the future.

For more information on gift annuities, please contact Seattle University Planned Giving Office at phone number 206-296-6974 or email the office at [email protected]. You may also review the information and illustrations listed below.