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'71 and Mary '74 Zavaglia

Joe and Mary met while students at Seattle U. They have each enjoyed successful careers and together have built a life of many passions. In addition to being a tremendous advocate for Seattle U athletics, Joe knows how to make things happen. He wanted to play soccer in college, but Seattle U didn't have a team at the time. So he created a petition and got 90 percent student approval. He also recruited 100 potential players. He appealed to then President Fr. Lemieux for the $500 needed to establish the team and didn't back down until the funds had been appropriated.

As a dedicated alumnus, Joe co-chaired the Championship Soccer Field redevelopment project and helped launch the annual Red Tie event for Athletics. Joe has served on the Board of Regents for ten years, and has been the Chair for the past two years. So it was hardly a surprise when Joe was awarded the University Service award at the 2015 Alumni Awards.

Mary grew up in Tacoma. Her uncle on her father's side was a Jesuit, Fr. Verne Harkins, S.J. Mary recently retired from a career in accounting and is enjoying more time with their five children, eight grandchildren, and annual extended trips to Italy - where Joe and Mary teach Italian cooking classes!

Joe and Mary have been enjoying the tax-savvy benefits of giving annually to Seattle U through their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) distributions. Now that they are over age 70 ½, instead of receiving all of their required minimum distributions and then paying income tax on all of it, they direct gifts from their IRA to their favorite not-for-profit organizations. Joe and Mary simply contact their IRA administrator and request specific gift amounts to go to Seattle U, their church, and a couple of other causes that are important to them and their family. When asked why they do much of their annual giving through their IRA, Mary said, "It just makes so much sense for us to be able to manage our income, our taxes, and our giving all at the same time through our IRA distributions." "It's such a great feeling to be able to give annually to support various programs across campus, including the soccer program at Seattle U, all while being smart with our finances." added Joe.

Please contact the Seattle University Office of Planned Giving or your IRA custodian to learn more about giving through an IRA Charitable Rollover: 206-296-6103