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Giving with Grace

Giving with Grace
Grace Munzer retired from the military with the rank of lieutenant colonel. She has been a careful saver and has a number of certificates of deposit.

Grace: As I examine my life experiences, it is apparent to me that they are all built upon my Seattle University education. I wanted to do something to give back and to help Seattle University serve current and future students.

Not satisfied with the return on her CDs, Grace decided that ideal choice for her would be a secure high return. Grace learned that she could get both a fixed rate and a high return by setting up a gift annuity with Seattle University.

Grace: I was very pleased to discover that based upon my age, a gift annuity would pay 8%. Plus, there would be a good tax deduction and part of the income would be tax free.

After finding out how easy it is to set up a gift annuity, I transferred funds from a CD that had matured into a charitable gift annuity. I am delighted with my 8% annuity. Even better, my annuity will provide scholarship support to Seattle University students in the future!

For more information on gift annuities, please contact Seattle University Planned Giving Office at phone number 206-296-6974 or email the office at [email protected]. You may also review the information and illustrations listed below.