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Continuing the Jesuit Tradition with a Gift by Will

Continuing the Jesuit Tradition with a Gift by Will
Peter and Denise have been faithful supporters of Seattle University. Peter received his MBA from Seattle University in 1974. They believe it is important to support and encourage young people.

Peter: My wife Denise and I both greatly admire the Jesuit educational tradition. I really value the Jesuits' commitment to academic excellence, service to others and the University's religious character. I have always admired the Jesuits' selflessness and the way they reach out to the community and embrace all people.

Denise: I agreed with Peter that our money should pass on to help others, and Seattle University is the right place to do that.

Peter: A bequest in my will for Seattle University is a way for me to give back because so many people helped me along the way.

Our attorney took the simple language available from Seattle University and included a nice bequest. Our bequest will pay dividends far into the future - because Seattle University students will give back to the world in ways we can only dream of.

The four most common types of bequests are listed below:
  1. Bequest of a specific dollar amount, e.g. $10,000,

  2. Bequest of a specific asset, e.g. my Picasso painting,

  3. Bequest of a percentage of the estate, e.g. 20% of my residue estate, or

  4. Contingent bequest, e.g. to spouse if living, but if spouse is deceased then to Seattle University.
The Planned Giving Office can provide you with accurate bequest language, quickly and confidentially. For sample bequest language, please e-mail [email protected] or call (206) 296-6974

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